Marbres & Granits Lliçà S.L. is a company dedicated to the elaboration and commercialization of marbles and granites, national and import and any type of natural or artificial stone in general.

Juan Antonio López, since its creation in 1990, has contributed throughout its history, in an infinite number of buildings, Public works and rehabilitation. Our production is basically distributed at Catalan level but nonetheless, given the activity of the construction sector at the moment, we carry out works at many points in our national geography.


The production of our company is approximately 18,000 m² per year. Of elaborate material, from small pieces to the most complex works intended for public or private use.

Stairs, facades, pavements, kitchen and bathroom countertops, curbs, forks, They in different finishes polished, bushhammered, flamed, sanded and saw cut.

Our Clients

Among our clients are the most outstanding national banking entities, construction companies, decorators, architects and individuals of all kinds.
Thanks to the technology used in the manufacture and logistics of our days we are able to supply, any order wherever we are asked, including the placement of our works.

Goals to achieve and Objectives

The objective of our company is, since its creation, to give the best service to our customers, as well as a guaranteed after-sales service.

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